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Wide hair negotiable securities robot interest (beta cows) investment advisory services of the publi

The broad masses of investors:

Existing more than one hundred million a-share market investors in China, but the securities investment consulting only thirty thousand people, the masses of small and medium-sized investors is difficult to get A professional investment advisory services. To further improve the ability of company investment advisory service, make more investors enjoy the professional investment advisory services, wide hair negotiable securities co., LTD., integrating internal resources, through long-term development, is now launched "wide hair negotiable securities robot gu (beta)". According to "about to" stock software "in the securities investment consulting business supervision interim provisions (SFC announcement [2010] 27) requirements, now will the investment advisory services listed as follows:

Service classification: securities investment advisory services;

Specific functions: through the way of simulation stock portfolio and asset allocation portfolio, offer investment advice to our brokerage customers;

Services: free;

Using path: wide hair negotiable securities trade mobile terminal "easy gold";


1, "wide hair negotiable securities robot cast gu (beta) cattle stock software instructions"

2, "wide hair negotiable securities robot interest risk (beta) cattle reveal book"

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On June 21, 2016

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