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Chengdu branch successfully host the "new three board" on key projects in sichuan province, in the e

On December 25, 2015 by the national development and reform commission of sichuan province, sichuan province securities regulatory bureau, sichuan province key project leading group office jointly organized the "new three board" listed as a key project of the sichuan province, in the enterprise standard operating training project "was held in chengdu.

The small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system co., LTD Deng Yingling supervisor, draw with king of sichuan province securities regulatory bureau deputy inspector, wide hair negotiable securities OuYangXi vice President to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. Sichuan province, in 182 the "new three board" trial enterprises of more than 300 people, and several brokerages, Banks and other intermediary institutions a total of more than 400 people attend the training.

Conference around listed review process and review concept, financial and non-financial review focus on key points, stock trading system and supervision system, designed to help the "new three board" listed in the enterprise and the knowledge of the small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system related business rules, perfect the corporate governance structure, to conduct compliance operations and information disclosure. The meeting invited to transfer shares listed company sales department, trade ministry of supervision, the company sales department for on-site training attendees. Wide hair negotiable securities brokerage, as the only training, with the participants on the stock distribution business communication, people from all walks of life to further improve the wide hair negotiable securities in sichuan province visibility and influence.

Chengdu branch of wide hair negotiable securities as the meeting organizer, only the successful completion of the organization of the conference, by the host government.

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