Management team

 ZengHao MR

·The current chairman of Sindh GF

·GF Securities has served as vice president,director, GF Holdings

 Hongkong company director, GF Securities International

 BusinessDepartment, deputy general manager

·Experience and outstanding performance in investment

 management, economic strategy analysis, industry research, etc.

·Have a wide range of contacts, and maintain

·good relationship with the securities regulatory


 XiaoXueSheng MR

·Senior sponsor representative

·GF XINDE director and general

 manager, investment committee


·Former GF Securities Investment

 Bank Mergers and acquisitions,

 general manager of the Department

·Have more than twenty years of investment banking and

 investment experience, presided over a number of enterprise

 IPO and M & A projects

·Has been named as the ten largest private equity investment in


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