Introduction of GF XINDE

► GF XINDE Investment Management was incorporated in December 2008. It is the 100% subsidiary of GF Securities Group (000766.SZ). GF XINDE ranked as TOP 3 Direct Investment Companies of Securities Group in China in 2014.

►As of May. 31,2015,assets under management has more than 6 billion RMB.

Equity investment

GF XINDE total equity investment>3.5 billion RMB

Invested over 80 projects(33 withdrawals,ncluding 23 successful IPOs andM&A by listed companies.)

Since its inception,the equity withdrawal rate is approaching 40%.

Annual rate of return of equity investment (IRR)〉24%.

Fixed income (primary market)

Fixed income fund size〉3 billion RMB

Invested field: real estate project financing, M&A financing of listed companies, municipal and environmental protection project financing.

Structured:Priority: 6%-9% annual return

                  Intermediate: 14%-20%

                  Posterior :borne by the project party

So far, GF XINDE fixed income fund was 100% paid on schedule.

Company profile

The first comprehensive securities company, 21 consecutive years ranks the top ten brokerage

GF investment bank


Brokerage branch


GF XINDE investment team


GF Development Research Center


Management team

Investment team and department

 ZengHao MR

·The current chairman of Sindh GF

·GF Securities has served as vice president,director, GF Holdings

 Hongkong company director, GF Securities International

 BusinessDepartment, deputy general manager

·Experience and outstanding performance in investment

 management, economic strategy analysis, industry research, etc.

·Have a wide range of contacts, and maintain

·good relationship with the securities regulatory


 XiaoXueSheng MR

·Senior sponsor representative

·GF XINDE director and general

 manager, investment committee


·Former GF Securities Investment

 Bank Mergers and acquisitions,

 general manager of the Department

·Have more than twenty years of investment banking and

 investment experience, presided over a number of enterprise

 IPO and M & A projects

·Has been named as the ten largest private equity investment in


Organization Chart

More than 20 consecutive years, ranking the ten largest domestic brokerage ranks


First grade subsidiary

GF XINDE medical Capital Management Ltd.

GF XINDE Zhisheng Cci Capital Ltd

Xinjiang GF XINDE Wensheng Cci Capital Ltd

Board of supervisors

Investment decision Committee

Board of directors

Risk control committee

General manager

Fund strategy


Project management


Risk control


Comprehensive mana-

gement department

TMT Investment Department

Consumption & Modern Service


Healthcare Industry Department

Environmental Protection &

New Material Department

Sandwich & Credit Investment


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National customer service hotline

Trading day 8:30-21:00


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