GF negotiable securities GF XINDE shares introduction

The first comprehensive securities company, 21 consecutive years ranks the top ten brokerage

Wide hair negotiable securities in the a-share listed in 2010, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board in 2015

Advantage of

GF Securities

GF Investment

Banking Department


Research Center

GF  Securities

Broking Branches


    TOP 3 IBD in China,

   with over 200 success-

   fulECM deals and 50

   IPOsunder review

Over 400 professionals

including over 100

qualified sponsors

Ranked as the TO

P 4 “Best Research

Team” in China,

according to the

New Fortune

238 branches in mainland

China, ranking 2nd in China,

supporting  GF XINDE with

extensive client resources and potential investment targets

Four major investments

GF XINDE focus on four big investments

Investment funds

21 consecutive years ranks the top 10 brokerages

Interlining & creditor's

rights investment funds

Equity investment fund

Interlining & creditor's  

rights investment funds  

 Equity investment fund

< Upcoming >   < Upcoming >< Established >        < Established >

company of real estate financing funds

company merger

and acquisition funds

GF XINDE  international

life science fund

GF XINDE TMT industry science

and technology innovation fund

GF XINDE high-growth emerging big fund consumption and

modern service industry

GF XINDE single project

investment funds

Radio and television mezzanine fund property 1 period

Mezzanine fund new

treasure 1 period

China railway construction

mezzanine fund

Huarong asset

mezzanine fund

Huaxia happiness

mezzanine fund

2ed xinhu zhongbao funds

Radio, film and television estate

phase 2ed mezzanine fund

The new three board funds

Environmental protection funds of the new economy

GF XINDE Hospital Investment



GF XINDE Health Industry Fund

GF XINDE TMT-Real Economy

Crossing Fund

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