IPO Cases

As of December 31, 2015, GF Sindh partial success of IPO investment project:

Tsing Lung tube industry(002457)
Lin Yang energy(601222)
Yun Yi electric(300304)
Nachuan shares(300198)
HuaSheng shares(002670)
Pubang Garden(002663)
Energy saving in China(601016)

Mergers and Acquisitions Exit Case

As of December 31, 2015, the announcement was part of Guangdong faith acquisition of listed companies investment projects:

By Changshan shares(000158.SZ)
By Is JPMF(0002600.SZ)
By Changbai group(600856.SH)
By Ming House Science(300242.SZ)
By Jebsen shares(300182.SZ)
By South central heavy industries(000245.SZ)
By Jebsen shares(300182.SZ)

Pre IPO Disclosure of Enterprises

As of December 31, 2015, IPO pre disclosure Tak Kwong investment project:

Guangdong Kemao forest chemical Limited by Share L
Shanghai China Navigation Technology and navigatio
Brave Tianjin machinery Limited by Share Ltd
Guangdong Sanxiong laser lighting Limited by Share
Guangzhou Huayuan garden Limited by Share Ltd
Piana art home Limited by Share Ltd
Guangdong Dongjiang animal husbandry Limited by Sh

Three new board listed companies have been listed

As of December 31, 2015, IPO pre disclosure Tak Kwong investment project:

Guangzhou south Ling automotive Limited by Share L
Inner Mongolia saikexing biotechnology Limited by
Guangzhou Hanford tea Limited by Share Ltd (832453
Shenzhen city cloud information technology Limited
Guilin power port network Polytron Technologies In
Sichuan Jinke Environmental Protection Technology
Guangzhou best honey mobile Polytron Technologies

Already invested enterprises in this round of financing in the listed companies have been involved in the disclosure of corporate IPO case

As of December 31, 2015, GF Sindh partial success of IPO investment project:

Daikin heavy(002487.SZ)
Austrian flying animation(002292.SZ)
Construction Research Group(002398.SZ)
By health(300146.SZ)
Wan Fang Development(000638.SZ)

Equity Investment Fund


·Co-managed fund with listed company Alpha(002292.SZ)

·Invest in TMT and Culture Industry

·Fund size: 254 million RMB

·Launched in Apr., 2014


GF XINDE Hospital Investment Fund

·Co-managed  fund with industry experts

·Invest in domestic hospitals in China

·Fund Size: 889 million RMB

·Launched in Nov., 2013


GF XINDE TMT-Real Economy Crossing Fund

·Managed by GF XINDE

·Invest in the cross industries of TMT and  real economy,

    with fast-growing nature

·Fund size: 145 million RMB

·Launched in Feb.,2015


GF XINDE Health Industry Fund

·Managed by GF XINDE

·Invest in medical diagnosis,medical devices and instruments,

    mobile health, medical e-commerce, medical IT, etc.

·Fund size: 300 million RMB

·Launched in Jan., 2015


Sandwich & Bond Investment Fund


·Share the premium in NEW OTCBB market.

·Invest in fast-developing companies that plan to

   listed in NEW OTCBB.

·Fund size: 168 million RMB

·Launched in Apr., 2015


GF XINDE Environmental Protection Industry Fund

·Co-managed fund with Zhongshan Public Utilities

    (000685), Shimge(002532), Solareast (603366.SH)

·Invest in environmental protection industry of

   fast-developing new technology, new liquid fuel

   and posterior investment in equipment operation

·Fund size: 0.5-1 billion RMB

·Fund raising

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