Corporate Philosophy

 The letter for the founding of the country,

Germany for the achievement of the source;

Investment Strategy

 Things first, people-oriented, professional

practitioners literacy, far-reaching network of contacts.

The management team

 Professional ability to reconcile the judgment,from the perspective of the judgment of the capital market.

Investment Field


·Healthcare Industry

·Consumption &

   Modern Service

·Environmental Pro-

tection & New Material


Fund Management

·Equity investment


·Sandwich & Bond

   Investment Fund


The Dvantages

·GF investment bank

·Brokerage branch

·GF investment team

·GF investment team


Investment Case

·IPO Cases

·Mergers and acqu-

   isitions exit case

·IPO pre Disclosure


·Three new board



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National customer service hotline

Trading day 8:30-21:00


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